The Shock

What is happening now in Palestine is like an electric shock used to revitalize near-dead hearts. Many hearts have died, whether the hearts of Arabs and Muslims, or the hearts of the Jews, regarding the Palestinian cause. Arabs and Muslims thought that the Palestinian issue was really dead, and the Jews thought that the Palestinians surrendered to the humiliation of the colonizer and the weak international circumstance.

However, the Palestinians of Jerusalem, despite all the displacement, imprisonment and abuse that happened to them since 1948, did not surrender and struggled with their bodies and stones for their existence and their most extreme. The hypocritical world heard and saw the injustice that befell them without moving.

But their defense of their presence against the usurpers of their homes awakened the hearts of Palestinians 48 and the Palestinians of Jerusalem and its environs, so they came to their rescue and joined them in a demonstration that dazzled the world.

The cries of the oppressed, like an electric shock, circulated in the body of the Palestinian people in a surprise, in the West Bank, in Jaffa, Haifa, Lod, Ramla, and Beer Sheva, to shake Israel, which has nothing but to move its planes and tanks to kill the innocent civilian children and elderly as usual.

The shock reached the White House when the White House spokesman stuttered expressing the American position and forced him to utter the right of Palestine as a state to defend itself.

But what happened and is happening in Palestine is a clear warning statement to the colonizer telling him you are not safe, and you will never be safe, and all your capabilities are within our reach, and whatever you kill of us, we will kill you, no matter your strength.

Israel trembled, its residents rushed to shelters, schools were disrupted, and the heavily armed colonial state was paralyzed under a hail of rockets made in a car garage or olive grove.

Yes, the state of oppression is fragile and weak, regardless of its armament. The Palestinian people did not and will not die, even with the estrangement of their current leaderships and their disagreements , which weakened their cause. But fear and the unity of fate must unite them. Men are united only by fear or interest, and both attributes are present in the Palestinian cause, and the Palestinian leaderships must unite.

Professor Dr. M. El Meleigi

عن Mohamed El Meleigi

Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology Worked at University Alexandria Egypt, North Dakota State University, University of Kentucky, Kansas State University, king Saud University, Qassim University

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